Key Engineering Controls and Work Practices

1. Use the recommended work practices and isolation methods.

2. Shut down the HVAC system before beginning remedial activities; consult with the building maintenance staff, engineer, or HVAC manufacturer to determine the correct procedures for shutting down system and to identify/locate system components and areas of potential contamination

3. Consult with the HVAC manufacturer to determine which biocide they recommend for use on their HVAC system and components, such as cooling coils and condensation pans

4. Remove contaminated materials that can support mold growth, such as the paper on the insulation of interior lined ducts and filters

5. Inspect and clean HVAC system surfaces by removing all dirt, debris, and visible mold. Disinfect mold-impacted surfaces before reusing the system

6. For extensively contaminated areas (i.e., > 10 square feet of contamination), air monitoring with the HVAC system running should be conducted prior to the re-occupancy

Source: Mold Remediation: HVAC Services